Set in the hills community of Glen Forrest, this north facing addition to an exisitng 1980's brick and tile builder's standard will give the family of 4.5 an open plan kitchen, dining and living pavillion that steps slowly down the landscape, while still sharing a roofline with the existing residence.
The alteration of the 3 bed/1 bath home will create a much needed master suite - bringing the count to 4 bed/2 bath - while providing study spaces, 2nd gen living and improved circulation, as well as a considered and dynamic connection to the new family living pavillion to the north.
Exhaustive investigations into the planning and replanning of the spaces as the brief changed meant that the clients ended up with several options, all at differing price points and layouts.

Strong solar passive principles
Designed to the new Australian Standards regarding bushfire protection
DESIGN + DOCUMENTATION: First Meeting October 2014 - D.A. Approval/handover early January 2015.
BUILD: Owner Builder - AYMOTH was only employed for the initial D.A. drawings and design, after which the owners made budgetary imposed changes.
BUDGET: less than $100,000 (initially)